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We're a creative video production business
We believe video should deliver results. Our approach combines expertise & passion with a deep understanding of you and your audience to make videos that engage, inspire and compel people to act.
An effective video is a video that drives action. We create targeted strategies so your video content speaks to the right audience in the right way through the right channels.
  • Short Feature Films
  • Corportate Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Training Videos
House of Lords
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Preparation is key to a successful production. Let us scout locations, create the script, find the actors and create the music for your next production and give you all the information you need to be ready for a professional shoot. It would be great to start from day one with you on your next marketing project.
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From informative training videos, company wide announcements, to complete video marketing solutions for your company, we bring experience and innovation to your production. We specialise in coordinating production of your products, services, lectures, performances, and documentaries.
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Editing your production is the final place your story can be shaped and crafted. We've been editing documentary stories, corporate messaging, lecture series, and advertisements for some time. We have the knowledge, experience and tools to craft hours of footage into moments of a well polished message and engaging story.
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Script creation and development sample
Rob puts the cigarette packet back in his pocket. He stretches, scratches his head and looks at his watch.
Oh god, this is torture.
It isn't easy is it Rob!
Rob leaps from the bench in shock, turns and sees a very attractive woman leaning on the bench behind where he was sitting looking at him.
What the... Who the hell are you?
I don't like the term HELL but come, sit down Rob, relax.
Rob hesitates a little then sits back down on the bench.
Short Sample Videos
The Summer
London Fun